Affective Intelligence video analysis.

What is DeepAffex-as-a-Service?

The DeepAffex-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a web-portal that provides users with an easy, fast and flexible service to take advantage of the DeepAffex engine with the lowest commitment possible. A user of the service will utilize a supported web browser (Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome) to connect and access the DaaS portal from our website allowing them to provide a suitable pre-recorded video containing clearly visible faces (as the dominant subject matter) at any time that they want to be analyzed.

DeepAffex-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides our users with an alternative path to the software development normally required to directly communicate with the DeepAffex engine using our SDK and Cloud API support. The DaaS is a turnkey solution that produces the required physiological and/or psychological measurement results without requiring custom software integration of our ‘Software-Development-Kit’ (DFX-SDK) library and without having to incorporate our ‘Server Application-Programming-Interface’ (DFX API) communications protocols.

How do I use DeepAffex-as-a-Service?

All that is required to use DaaS is to upload video file(s) with suitable content to our web-portal where our cloud processing pipeline will then handle the steps identified with the DaaS labels below:

  1. User: Uploads video via portal page – submit <input> video for analysis
  2. DaaS: video parametric verification – frame resolution, rate, compression levels, SNR etc.
  3. DaaS: video face detection/tracking – segment continuous sections from video frames
  4. DaaS: blood-flow extraction – produce time-series data from video frames
  5. DaaS: blood-flow analysis – configuration controlled model processing
  6. DaaS: report production – overlay the <input> video with annotated (markup) results
  7. User: Downloads a video (report) using the DaaS specified URL