Getting started with the Cloud API

Are you a developer that is excited about the opportunity of accessing the DeepAffex engine but unsure how to begin this process? Outlined here you will find a brief step-by-step description to assist you to immediately get started on this rewarding journey!

Step 1: Discover our developer resources and SDK/API technical documentation

Step 2: Create an account and get access to our DFX Dashboard tool

Step 3: Request a License-key by registering your application

Step 4: Use the API with your license-key to generate an access token

Step 5: Start building your application

DFX ‘Server Application-Programming-Interface’ (API) Overview

The primary purpose of the Cloud API Reference is to define the access protocols for communicating with the DeepAffex cloud. The API defines a set of network accessible endpoints that accept Measurement Data payloads and return Measurement Results payloads under the direction and control of a calling application.

The Cloud API exists as a set of Protocol buffers (aka protobuf) definitions and documentation set describing all interactions with our DeepAffex cloud hosted engine. Client applications may be built using WebSockets, REST or gRPC transports for communication. These applications can create measurements, register for measurement results and stream the measurement (data) chunks to the server. The DFX Cloud API also has end-points for managing different measurement configurations (called Studies), retrieving historical data, managing organizations and users etc. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

DeepAffex API

The DeepAffex API reference is published as a specification (documentation) intended for developers.

View DFX API Spec

DFX API Python Snippets on GitHub