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DeepAffex Cloud FAQ

What is DeepAffex® Cloud API?

The DeepAffex® Cloud API enables customers to communicate with our DeepAffex Cloud service. It allows them to programmatically access our DeepAffex® cloud service and manage their Organization's DeepAffex® account data and results.

The DeepAffex® Cloud API is published as a reference specification (documentation) describing the programmatic interfaces (or endpoints) that are provided by the DeepAffex® cloud engine.

These network endpoints allow a remote client (program) to invoke and access DeepAffex® micro-services and features.

The DeepAffex® Cloud API allows the use of REST for synchronous (blocking) transactions as well as Web socket protocols for asynchronous (non-blocking) communications.

What is an Organization on the DeepAffex® Cloud?

In the DeepAffex® Cloud's business-to-business services model, the Organization is the partitioning "silo" that gets created and licensed for a business. Only NuraLogix® can create Organizations.

The Organization is the true owner of measurement data that are stored within it. All measurements, results, raw data etc. that are created under an Organization are secure and isolated from other Organizations. There is no possibility for data visibility or information leakage between Organizations.

What is a Point?

A DeepAffex® Point is a biosignal of interest that is assigned a unique name on the DeepAffex® Cloud. Points are usually different health indicators in the form of results or outputs produced by the DeepAffex® engine after processing facial blood-flow data extracted from an input such as a video stream or from a digital camera.

Where can I see the list of available Points?

A growing listing of available DeepAffex® Points can be reviewed in our Points Reference.