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Anura FAQ

What is Anura® Lite?

Anura® Lite is a wellness app powered by DeepAffex® that uses a phone's selfie camera to measure and keep a record of health indicators based on the blood flow in the face. You can download Anura® Lite from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Anura® Lite is for investigation use only.

What are the key features of Anura® Lite?

  • Contactless – No sensors to touch; uses your selfie camera.

  • Quick – A measurement only takes 30 seconds.

  • Private – Video data is neither saved nor transmitted as part of a measurement. Instead, your facial blood-flow data is encrypted and sent to the DeepAffex® Cloud for analysis. Your measurement history is stored using the same encryption techniques used by banks.

How does Anura® work?

  • Human skin is translucent and light of various wavelengths reflects from different layers below the skin. As your heart beats, blood perfuses under the skin of your face and subtly changes its color.

  • Transdermal Optical Imaging™, a component of Anura®, detects this facial blood-flow information from a selfie camera's video stream.

  • Anura® then sends this encrypted blood-flow information to the DeepAffex® Cloud for analysis.

  • The DeepAffex® Cloud uses advanced signal processing and AI models to estimate your heart rate and other biosignals, then sends these results back.

What does "SNR" displayed at the top of the results page mean?

SNR stands for Signal-to-Noise Ratio and is the SNR of the facial blood-flow expressed in decibels (dB). Anura® uses SNR as a quality metric.

Is Anura® a medical device?

Anura® is only intended for informational and educational purposes to promote general wellness.

The results provided to you should not be treated as medical advice or to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease, ailment or injury.

If you have any health-related questions, please refer to your physician or other medical professional.

What is Anura® Core SDK?

Anura® Core SDK is a mobile software development kit designed to help developers add DeepAffex® to their applications. It contains camera capture and preview, face tracker integration, DeepAffex® Extraction Library for blood-flow extraction and a DeepAffex® Cloud API client module.

What is Anura® Enterprise?

Anura® Enterprise is a mode of Anura® that allows a DeepAffex® B2B enterprise customer to reconfigure and use Anura® so their end-users can take measurements using the enterprise's DeepAffex® account

Is there a minimum camera resolution required for the app to work?

Please refer to platform requirements chapter in the Anura® core guide.

What can be customized in Anura® Enterprise?

Anura® Enterprise offers basic Enterprise branding - the logo and name on various screens.

Does Anura® work with a 2G connection, radio, or satellite?

The payload data chunks are not very heavy (mostly less than 500 KB). Any stable internet connection which can handle such payloads is expected to work fine.